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Steampunk Chessboard and Clockwork Zeppelin products in Vamps of York

Posted in Uncategorized on August 4, 2011 by Clockwork Zeppelin

Did a bit more on the chessboard today and ended up stripping off all the original verdigris off with a brass brush on my Dremel.  The original heat resistant lacquer didn’t burn but did char when I started soldering the pipe on with the blowtorch.  I stripped it all off, did the soldering then had to use the copper nitrate solution again then seal it in with the lacquer.  Long winded and time consuming but I’ve got a fairly efficient process going on now and we are about a third made on the chessboard.

I say we because Mr. Eric Winter is assisting again as the base of the chessboard is wood and everybody knows that Runcible-Sterling doesn’t do wood.

I popped down to Vamps of York today – our local Goth shop.  After a decent chat with Dave, the owner, we are now expecting Clockwork Zeppelin jewellery to have it’s own display case in the shop pretty soon – indeed I dropped off all my unsold stock with him so expect to see that in there soon.

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