Maker Faire and the Road to Whitby

Bit of a long break, thank you for staying with me!

Maker Faire went down really well, there was always a little bit of anxiety at the back of my mind that this crowd were non-Goth orientated and so might be a bit ambivalent to what we were doing.  The reality was quite the opposite!

Some of the other exhibitors looked like they needed to get a bit of daylight now and again and seemed to live on geek food – that is pizza and pringles.  Madame rightly pointed out that you were never far from a fart.

We had lots of traffic through the cameotagram studio, the high point was pushing a dalek into it and doing it’s cameo photo – very funny indeed.  A few early printer problems but we managed to get through them.  The guy who had his photo taken with a pipe and flat cap was definitely one of the best ones we did.

The finished jewellery did well as always, lots of great feedback from ordinary people which shows Clockwork Zeppelin doessn’t have to suffer for its art, nor limit itself to Goth / Steampunk events.

The jewellery workshop was quite difficult – a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  I didn’t account for the noise factor at the show – such a racket from the singing Tesla coils that I could barely hear myself shout over them.  A lot of people didn’t want to sit down for 30 minutes to make something, perhaps that’s indicative of how things are these days.  I made the mistake of trying to run things on an ad-hoc basis – i.e just do the workshop whenever they turned up.  I found this difficult to manage but you don’t know that until you try it.

I changed tack a bit on the Sunday and invited people to make some other stuff – necklaces etc, since I brought virtually all of my raw materials with me.  This was fairly successful except for the lady that kept changing her mind after I had cut the chain and drilled the pieces rendering them useless and worthless for future projects!    In future, I think I will have timed workshops and try a variety of different things – i.e earrings 1000hrs, necklaces at noon, bracelets at 1400 and so on.

We are already thinking about 2012 and Baron Von-Eidelweiss is planning an airship simulator….

Whitby Alt Festival happens this weekend and I am ready to go.  It’s been a bit hard doing two big shows in very quick succession – mostly because making things can take up quite a bit of time but I should have enough to give a good account of myself.

Many thanks to Major Tinker and Lady Elsie for the opportunity to trade and if you can get there this weekend, you will find me in the Whitby and District Rifle Club on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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