Runcible-Sterling’s Arsenal Redux

Whilst shopping for Christmas frippery last December, I chanced upon a shop selling  all manner of sporting guns in the centre of York

I launched into conversation with the proprietor and left with 2 broken rifles that may well have fired their last .177 lead pellet.  With a keen eye for a waspy, I immediately called upon my master of works, one  Mr. E. Winter of Woodlingthorpe.  With over 40 years experience of woodworking (remember, Runcible-Sterling does not do wood) and a large collection of brass crap just waiting to be sold to Steampunks, he carefully assembled this fine range of artillery you see here.  These, including their stands, will be on view at Maker Faire and then at the Rifle Club (the irony!) during Whitby Alt Fest a fortnight after (if all goes well and I get a spot).  They are for sale, expect to pay about £90 each including stand.


One Response to “Runcible-Sterling’s Arsenal Redux”

  1. Gareth Shaw (big lad from whtiby) Says:

    dont know if you rember me from whitby, but i asked you about wholesale, i said id ring you when i got home and ive lost your bussiness card, if you could email me on, or call me on 07706625817 id appricate it.

    Thanks Gaz – Grimly Fiendish

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