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Clanceys of Murton and The Sky Marshall pays a visit.

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Sky Marshall Von Whipp passed by the Brassworks last night and we ran through the final Beta testing of his patented Magic Lantern driven Cameotogram machine.  We were able to run a finished Cameotogram from pose to finished product in under 2 minutes so much pizza and snuff was shared in a self congratulatory fashion

The Sky Marshall ran off to heckle and shout ‘poppycock’ at an astronomy society lecture on fusion and other non-steam driven heresy.  Having loaded his dirigible with all the requisite supplies for the Newcastle campaign, we officially signed off the Cameotogram studio ready to go.  If you are linking to this blog from the Maker Faire website, expect to pay £6 for a finished and mounted image as demonstrated – we hope to see you there.

I found myself at Clanceys of Murton this week….buyers of scrap metal and brass merchants.  A swift dive into their large copper bin came up with this excellent and large kilogram of copper wire, freshly stolen from the East Coast main line overheads.  I need this for the etching tank and will work this into a frame to hold the work piece during the process.


Victorian Suicide Bomber

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The title says it all really.  I bought a set of 35 blue LED’s and a bandolier.  My colleagues have been saving the packaging from low molecular heparin one shot injections for the last few months.  I made this and it really comes out all wrong…if I wear this in public I’m likely to get shot by the police.

Čerenkov Resonator Pendant

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Cherenkov radiation is electromagnetic radiation emitted when a charged particle (such as an electron) passes through a dielectric medium at a speed greater than the phase velocity of light in that medium.

This poses a challenge for most travellers through the aether and so my research gnomes, using the not inconsiderable sized Clockwork Zeppelin difference engines (measured in gear miles!) have devised a compact wearable device to ease ones passage through the transition zones of the energy grid.

More timepieces have been forged in the brassworks and specifically designed to synchronise with the resonator so you don’t arrive at your destination without your kidneys

Runcible-Sterling’s Arsenal Redux

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Whilst shopping for Christmas frippery last December, I chanced upon a shop selling  all manner of sporting guns in the centre of York

I launched into conversation with the proprietor and left with 2 broken rifles that may well have fired their last .177 lead pellet.  With a keen eye for a waspy, I immediately called upon my master of works, one  Mr. E. Winter of Woodlingthorpe.  With over 40 years experience of woodworking (remember, Runcible-Sterling does not do wood) and a large collection of brass crap just waiting to be sold to Steampunks, he carefully assembled this fine range of artillery you see here.  These, including their stands, will be on view at Maker Faire and then at the Rifle Club (the irony!) during Whitby Alt Fest a fortnight after (if all goes well and I get a spot).  They are for sale, expect to pay about £90 each including stand.

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