Electrolytic Etching of Brass

So we are getting on quite well.  I’ve done 3 demonstration etchings and the 1.5A hacked up DC power supply does a nice lovely deep etch in about 3 hours.  Almost inevitably I need to complete a risk assessment for the copper sulphate solution.  (don’t suggest anyone drinks it).

I’ve got everything I need to do the Steampunk Jewellery workshop with enough kit for about 50 items, just waiting to hear from the Sky Marshall about the silhouette studio – we still have a few technical issues to overcome but I have 100% faith in him.

I’ve done 7 of the exploded watch bracelets, think I need about 12 for the 2 days and then I’m moving onto necklaces again and earrings.  I’ve resin cast some typewriter keys into rings so I’ll have a go with them and have lacquered about 100 of my best selling laser cut wooden badges.

Maker Faire linked me onto their website so I’ve had a massive spike in site traffic over the last 2 days – thanks everyone, wait till you see the airship boarding cannons Runcible-Sterling’s father in law has modded from 2 old air rifles.  I’ll get some photos on this week.




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