Drink Hendricks Gin For Continued Liver And Bile Health*

*Some of the above claims require continued scientific investigation.


Hendricks appears to be the Steampunk drink of choice around our community. This is where Goths and Steampunks diverge, the former enjoying Absinthe with all its spoons, sugar cubes and Laudanum rituals.

I must confess, after downing one rather sharpish, I am less inclined to thrash the children as I would have been had I chosen an inferior gin.  It appears that one must float cucumber in it rather than the usual citrus, somewhat in the manner of Pimms but without the strawberries.  It has a greenish hue to it which appeals to Runcible-Sterling’s appreciation of oddness.  Tasty? I should warrant…I’ve had two.

Clockwork Zeppelin wishes all customers and friends a very Coal Fired Christmas and a Brassy New Year…Hip Hip and Chin Chin….

Steampunk Hendricks




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