I Gave All My Love to a Sailor and then I used ‘The Melancholytron’

The Melancholytron is an add-on for Photoshop CS3.  You get 28 days free but only on the days you use it…I’ve been rationing this carefully.  It adds a little bit of that washed out look without going to straight sepia / black and white effect you often see in poor attemots to make an image look Victorian.  (I know, they didn’t have laminate worktops back then either….)


So, I’ve made a few bits to try to flog in the lobby during the interval and start/finish/interval of MMM tomorrow.  I’ve got some experimental resin-cast pieces (typewriter keys and mechanical watch modules) made into rings.  I’ll be letting them go cheap because they do have some bubbles in them but I’ve since worked out how to get rid of them….thanks Andy Simpson, you aren’t just a great web designer.  (Steampunk tip:  Vibrate your mould)

So, I’ll have some earrings, domino bracelets, tiaras, a fascinator, some filigree watches and the favourite laser cut wooden badges.

See you at the Bradford Playhouse tomorrow night

if anyone is still reading this……


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