The Ghosts of D1

I am lucky and get to work in the most Steampunk building in the North.  It has its own ghosts as well, and I just did some nights with them.  They don’t scare me anymore, I’m disappointed if I don’t see them (always walks past the office on D1, just when you are looking away).  They did that 7 nights in a row.

I’ve been chomping to get back to crafting but I’ve been beaten by the weather.  I wont go on about it, we all have a story to tell and mine isn’t that interesting.

Operations have mostly moved inside for the next few weeks till we pass the worst of it.

Imagine Madame’s surprise when I told her that I might try a bit of resin casting in the kitchen.  I managed to convince her that really the smell goes very quickly and the results are worth it.  It seemed to work this time, last time I tried that approach, she didn’t believe me when I told her that Oxy-Acetylene is perfectly stable at all temperatures and there is no reason why I can’t use a gas torch in the garage.

That aside – the key to resin casting is all about temperature.  Like adhesives, (and Plaster of Paris for you non- medical friends), generally the warmer the ambient temperature, the quicker it ‘goes off’ so to speak.  Now, Loctite 496 used in a garage at 4 – 5 C  is great because you get 10 minutes of slip-time from this cryo-acrylonate.  At 18C you get about 10 seconds.

If you use casting resin at -7C, it wont go off until March.  At the earliest.  So I brought it indoors and have been off my face all day from the vapours.  The result is debatable because they are still in the mould but I hope to have something saleable by tomorrow.

I made a few of the popular watch bracelets this week and a couple of necklaces.

So, my plans for the rest of the year and most of next are currently shaping up like this:

1. Mandrakes Magnificent Machine at Bradford Playhouse Dec 2010 – probably trading and props in the show

2. March 2011 – Possibly Maker Faire Newcastle, if not Whitby Goth again

3. June 2011 – Woodthorpe school summer fair, York – well, you have to really don’t you?

4.  July 2011 – Fairford Airshow – Cottage Industries Association Marquee

4. October 2011 – Whitby Goth again



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