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Drink Hendricks Gin For Continued Liver And Bile Health*

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*Some of the above claims require continued scientific investigation.


Hendricks appears to be the Steampunk drink of choice around our community. This is where Goths and Steampunks diverge, the former enjoying Absinthe with all its spoons, sugar cubes and Laudanum rituals.

I must confess, after downing one rather sharpish, I am less inclined to thrash the children as I would have been had I chosen an inferior gin.  It appears that one must float cucumber in it rather than the usual citrus, somewhat in the manner of Pimms but without the strawberries.  It has a greenish hue to it which appeals to Runcible-Sterling’s appreciation of oddness.  Tasty? I should warrant…I’ve had two.

Clockwork Zeppelin wishes all customers and friends a very Coal Fired Christmas and a Brassy New Year…Hip Hip and Chin Chin….

Steampunk Hendricks




Clockwork Zeppelin Went to the Theatre, Sold Stuff, Met People and Used a Nice Table

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This is the most wonderful Warwick St-John who absolutely stole the show by providing narration and switching between German, English and improvisation.  He did a great impersonation of a drunken soak (or was he method acting?) and occasionally chased actors lost from other plays in other theatres…at times it felt like the stage was constantly being invaded by some costumed lunatic or other..Laugh? I nearly choked on my smuggled Rolos…

I got a few ‘poppycocks!’ into the heckle which seemed to comprise most of the first 10 minutes or so as Mandrake attempted to demonstrate his machine to the society amid much bruhaha.

I was pleased to see my Steampunk rack of gauges comprising a part of the machine itself!  Most honoured indeed was Runcible-Sterling.

And of course the ‘Faradinator’ and the ‘Disrupticon’ made their entrance in the second half, mostly to chase off a load of pixies.

The laser dot on the Disrupticon looked great through the dry ice clouds.

As usual at such public events, I was accompanied by Brigadier General Ernest Hellver, hoping to catch a chance hint of a lady’s ankles.

I particularly liked the table we ‘borrowed’ . Unfortunately we were made to give it back. ‘Fingers’ Hellver is likely to try again on our next visit, so ushers be warned.

We were entertained by the fair lady Abigail 709B who might have a real name though we cant be sure.  She most certainly shared our creative zeal and does the most wonderful things in fabric, going so far as to match our tablecloth.

Hellver found a cake lady and bartered some of our wares for cake.  One wooden badge = One Coconut and Lemon Cupcake and One Double Chocolate cake thing.  All those years selling guns and whisky to natives on his last campaign has certainly paid off.

I Gave All My Love to a Sailor and then I used ‘The Melancholytron’

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The Melancholytron is an add-on for Photoshop CS3.  You get 28 days free but only on the days you use it…I’ve been rationing this carefully.  It adds a little bit of that washed out look without going to straight sepia / black and white effect you often see in poor attemots to make an image look Victorian.  (I know, they didn’t have laminate worktops back then either….)


So, I’ve made a few bits to try to flog in the lobby during the interval and start/finish/interval of MMM tomorrow.  I’ve got some experimental resin-cast pieces (typewriter keys and mechanical watch modules) made into rings.  I’ll be letting them go cheap because they do have some bubbles in them but I’ve since worked out how to get rid of them….thanks Andy Simpson, you aren’t just a great web designer.  (Steampunk tip:  Vibrate your mould)

So, I’ll have some earrings, domino bracelets, tiaras, a fascinator, some filigree watches and the favourite laser cut wooden badges.

See you at the Bradford Playhouse tomorrow night

if anyone is still reading this……

Mandrake’s Magnificent Machine

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Clockwork Zeppelin is proud to be providing some props for the show. Look out for the ‘Disrupticon’, the ‘Faradinator’, the control panel of the machine itself, a vintage field telephone and some comedy medals.

Clockwork Zeppelin is also grateful for the opportunity to trade at the Saturday Evening Show and I have been grinding and buffing for several days now in preparation.

I am also looking forward to meeting Steampunks from all over, some for the first time, many from previous events….hope to see you all at the show.

Please bring money and ammunition.


The Ghosts of D1

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I am lucky and get to work in the most Steampunk building in the North.  It has its own ghosts as well, and I just did some nights with them.  They don’t scare me anymore, I’m disappointed if I don’t see them (always walks past the office on D1, just when you are looking away).  They did that 7 nights in a row.

I’ve been chomping to get back to crafting but I’ve been beaten by the weather.  I wont go on about it, we all have a story to tell and mine isn’t that interesting.

Operations have mostly moved inside for the next few weeks till we pass the worst of it.

Imagine Madame’s surprise when I told her that I might try a bit of resin casting in the kitchen.  I managed to convince her that really the smell goes very quickly and the results are worth it.  It seemed to work this time, last time I tried that approach, she didn’t believe me when I told her that Oxy-Acetylene is perfectly stable at all temperatures and there is no reason why I can’t use a gas torch in the garage.

That aside – the key to resin casting is all about temperature.  Like adhesives, (and Plaster of Paris for you non- medical friends), generally the warmer the ambient temperature, the quicker it ‘goes off’ so to speak.  Now, Loctite 496 used in a garage at 4 – 5 C  is great because you get 10 minutes of slip-time from this cryo-acrylonate.  At 18C you get about 10 seconds.

If you use casting resin at -7C, it wont go off until March.  At the earliest.  So I brought it indoors and have been off my face all day from the vapours.  The result is debatable because they are still in the mould but I hope to have something saleable by tomorrow.

I made a few of the popular watch bracelets this week and a couple of necklaces.

So, my plans for the rest of the year and most of next are currently shaping up like this:

1. Mandrakes Magnificent Machine at Bradford Playhouse Dec 2010 – probably trading and props in the show

2. March 2011 – Possibly Maker Faire Newcastle, if not Whitby Goth again

3. June 2011 – Woodthorpe school summer fair, York – well, you have to really don’t you?

4.  July 2011 – Fairford Airshow – Cottage Industries Association Marquee

4. October 2011 – Whitby Goth again


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