Runcible-Sterling’s Armoury

No gentleman should ever set foot on foreign shores without some form of experimental weaponry to ward off foreign-ness.

I have a couple of weapons, this one being ‘The Disrupticon’.  I made it from some aluminium (but brass coloured) stair rods, plywood, 22 – 15mm plumbing converters, a metal vase, a red dot laser pointer, some photo realistic woodcuts (same as my wooden badges) and a hacked up BB gun.

I etched the brass plate on the side with a car battery and a laser printer and held it all together with pop rivets and evostick Impact adhesive.

Those kind people at the Bradford playhouse are showing ‘Mandrakes Magnificent Machine’ as their Christmas Panto this December.  I have provided some props either for the show or as part of the display in the foyer.

I dropped them off today and bought my tickets for the Saturday Matinee so I can take my daughters to the show – they will of course be dressed appropriately and so will I. Bowler…topper…bowler…topper…can’t decide.

They have also kindly allowed me to trade at the event so I am busy making stuff again.

The weapon at the bottom was made by my big brother (Baron Von-Edelweiss) for my 40th birthday party.  It appears to made from a Fridjj bottle, some flexible tap connector and copper plumbing tube.  It features a realistic sounding cocking action.

The control panel was made with 6 vintage gauges I bought from an antique shop, some cut-outs were made on a big sheet of MDF and covered with green leather from a sofa shop sample book.  Looks kind of Steampunky and so I also lent this to the Playhouse for the show.  I etched a brass plate giving a fictional history of it coming from the wreckage of a downed airship during some fantasy aerial engagement.


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