I think it’s against the law to wear medals you didn’t earn..

These won’t be for sale because a friend of mine already sells these and they weren’t my idea – though it’s a bloody good one.  I don’t think he has any for sale at the moment but you can check out Andrew and Helen’s great stuff at http://www.etsy.com/shop/vivelareine?ga_search_query=vivelareine&ga_search_type=seller_usernames

I’m certain he would make you one if you asked nicely

Andrew had an excellent range of Steampunk medals that he made himself.  Mine are but a pale shadow but they are great fun to make.  There are only a few simple steps

1) Go into an antique shop, explain to the militaria curator that you need some ribbon and then watch his dawning look of horror as you try to explain Steampunk to him.

2)  Watch him squirm in embarrassment as he sells you the ribbon off some American medal you get for being first to the canteen for a quid or something

3) Drill through a broken pocket watch, clock face and then your left ring finger

4) Wear proudly on your chest like you really earned them and invent an imaginary campaign to justify every single one

5)  Promise Andrew you won’t sell any because that was his idea, not yours and they are only for personal use on your Airship Commander Uniform.


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