Quick Restoration Project

I enjoyed a short trip to Tewkesbury earlier in the week and then on to the lovely town of Warwick with its big castle and old ladies.

Madame did her usual shopkeeper distraction while I stole stuff and came away with lots of cool things like these two suitcases.  They are cardboard lined and smell really old, but they are leather covered.

They are not from the same set but If I wanted to date them, I would say they are around the 1950’s but I thought they would be good for taking jewellery to shows…all right, it wasn’t my idea (I saw Miss Brackenbury with a much nicer vintage set, check out her one-off Steampunkery at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Emma-Brackenbury-Costume-and-Jewellery/279769800667 ) but nevertheless a good idea all the same…

I did a quick restoration on the clips – used my Dremmel 300 with a brass brush at mid speed on the metal latches (check out the before and after) and buffed up with some brasso.  I think they are just a mixed alloy of mostly zinc which shrieks austerity,  reaffirming my thoughts that they are almost immediately post war.  They came up alright considering, I shot some WD40 down the hinges and catches and polished the rest up with some leather cleaner I got from the pound shop which deepened the colour significantly.

Its still cheap leather glued onto cardboard but I like ’em.

Wait till you see what else I made today…….


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