The Island of Doctor Geof (yes – I think it really is one ‘f’)

Now these are actually hung straight on my wall, they look slightly off kilter but I assure that is just user error on the way I am holding my magic lantern.

I had the pleasure of parting with my hard earned cash for these two prints, signed by the good Doctor himself – sorry Geof, to fit in the frames I had to slice that bit off.

This is my attempt to try to convince Madame that we can have a Steampunk home without all that brassy shit and coal.  I love the good nature and warmth about the poster and I wish we had artists as good as the Doctor drawing for 2000AD back when I read it in the 1980’s – I hated the way Carlos Ezquerra drew Judge Dredd. Like some Neo-Latino one man death squad.

I digress – check out some more of Dr. Geof’s work here:

Be sure to email him, these prints are great value – I think I paid about a tenner each with a discount for two – and signed.  He had quite a few left – email him won’t you??


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