Poor Boris

Alas poor Boris.  I’m not entirely sure of his specific gender but I like to think of him being slightly androgynous but leaning towards the male.

I’m not sure if reproduction Phrenology models feel embarrassment to any degree, but I have really pushed it over the last few weeks.  He started off being made to wear a chandelier necklace until it was sold.  He then sported a terrific fascinator made from a clock mainspring.  We sold that, and then made him wear a particularly handsome tiara  made from aqua crackle glass beads and coiled in the fashion first described by one Mr. Nikolai Tesla.

Boris is modelling a particularly cheap (and quite nasty) pair of goggles bought from ebay and instantly regretted.  The pith helmet is a trashy tourist souvenir from Vietnam given to me by a good friend in London.  I had numerous cash offers for it, but alas not for sale – its not that it’s particularly valuable but I know that I would never get another.


4 Responses to “Poor Boris”

    • I’m not sure….Jennifer is a little bit too….yielding for Boris (he is pottery after all)…but she has great hair. OK, where shall they go on a date…there is a great hat shop in York….Boris has been after a deerstalker for a while….

  1. Ooh, a hat shop sounds good!

  2. heh heh….I have been in touch with the maker faire people in newcastle for march 2011 – hope to get an exhibit there….will let you know, think its over your way????

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