All that glitters is a mare’s nest…..

I decided it was time to tidy up the Brassworks yesterday afternoon.  Cogs costing what they do….you have a tendency to sweep your floor and go through the detritus very carefully…..

These were the loose bits I found on the floor and generally around the place.  There is a necklace I never quite finished from the ‘Steampunk People’ range – I wasn’t happy with the colour of the beads – just a bit too brown for my taste.  I think I have a bit of an eye for this kind of thing, so if I don’t like it, I doubt a customer will.  The dial behind is from a vintage stopwatch – they are in many ways much nicer than a standard clock face – they aren’t enamelled in the same way, they are usually just painted metal.  This means they don’t crack and split like clock faces do when you drill them.  They have an exactitude to them with the markings much more clearly defined and dense in an engineering sense – proto dieselpunk if you will.  I think I will get this one right shortly and I look forward to finishing it.

The shell casing is a 7.62 GPMG round (deactivated of course).  I bought a huge bandolier of them from a York antiques shop on Bishopthorpe Road last summer.  I cut slots on either side and passed a set of brass wings through them and tried to pop rivet them secure.  Didn’t quite work – couldn’t quite get enough purchase on it so they flopped about a bit ineffectually.  Needs just a little bit of packing, it’s another one I’m looking forward to getting right.

The delightful Miss Kent of Empires Ghost did me a great service by bartering some fine Clockwork Zeppelin product in exchange for the wonderful cartridge bandolier.  I later returned and purchased the black 3 pocket ammunition pouch from them.

Find Empire’s Ghosts at:

The diameter of the slots on the bandolier are unfortunately too wide for my 7.62 rounds (I think it was designed for 20 guage shotgun cartridges) however I have some vacuum tubes that fit and I’m going to mix it up with an idea I have to put some plastic tubes (very similiar in look to test tubes) that usually contain an injection of low molecular weight heparin we use at work – I chuck the syringes away of course, the tubes are just the outer packaging.  I was either thinking of suspending some Steampunk objects in resin inside them or perhaps just wiring them all together with coloured LED’s – like a little string of Christmas lights.

If I do it in parallel and use a 9 volt supply, I could rig the valves up with them – if I get the right terminals, I could get them to glow nicely – most only need 4 or 6 volts across them.

I’ve got a week off work now, I’m going to  make stuff.


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