How do you do a Victorian ‘Shout out’?

I suppose you say something like ‘hail fellow, well met’ or similar.So it’s a big thanks and massive respect to all of the following:

All Goths everywhere:  Cherish the difference, you are great people

Arielle from Elfwitch Designs – being a Goth Parent is the coolest thing in the world.  Check out her designs:

Vive La Reine – Andy and Madame – your Steampunk designs are brilliant – I particularly liked your Steampunk Medals – I so want to copy them and do them myself but that would be disrespectful so I wont (though I might make one for myself!)  Find them at

The delightful lady from Indigo Thunder (is it difficult to kiss with all that protruding metal?) – you were a hoot – get in touch if you are reading

Ian and Angie from Steel Asylum – my aluminium domino bracelets looked much better on your stall – good luck.

Claire from Crafty Pumpkin: – excellent wire work

Major Tinker for reminding us that Steampunk is whatever you say it is and telling us about working on scrapheap challenge… job in the world I’m sure

Boo…hiss to:

The roadies working for the Goth Bands…made us move our stall 4 times on day 1.  Told to fuck off on Days 2 and 3.

The politics and divisions that cause us to have to choose which Goth Weekend to attend next year….Dark Daisy or WGW official

The ‘Travelling Family’ that really saw it as an opportunity to try to steal your cash box or shoplift something…shame on you

The terrible food and lack of it….







One Response to “How do you do a Victorian ‘Shout out’?”

  1. Hehe -the metal makes kissing all the more interesting!
    Thanks mucly for the shoutout, will be adding more links to my facebook and LJ pages soon n you’ll certainly be there 🙂

    Great to meet you, will keep in touch!!

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