Death in Whitby

There seemed to be a funeral in Whitby at the weekend.  I didn’t know the person but they had loads of mourners and needed quite a few hearses.  It seemed to go on for 3 days as well.  Weird.  That being said, lots of them seemd to like my jewellery and so Runcible Sterling went back to his coffin happy that he gave a good account of himself.

I managed to sell about half of what I brought which is a brilliant result.  The room was big and light with great views out to sea but suffered a bit from smelling of sick, disinfectant and beer in the mornings from the bands playing there at night.

It was great to see lots of hacking and making going on amongst the other exhibitors and we all swapped war stories, tips, suppliers and so on.

I was surprised how much Steampunk has landed amongst the Goth scene – fully a third of people I saw had some type of SP going on in some form or other, be it just a pair of goggles or right up to the nice guy from Yorkshire who had managed to rig a pair of 9 foot bat wings using black satin and a load of electrical trunking.  Nice one, it you are reading this, get in touch.  Another guy had made a fantastic Blunderbuss and whittled and carved all the furniture himself.  I don’t do wood but my father in law does.  Some of the handmade goggles and stuff were great but really the price being charged was disproportionately high for the work involved so I think that’s a way forward for Clockwork Zeppelin.   My customers were mostly ladies obviously so there was little for the guys.  I think if I had handmade goggles at a reasonable price, I would have sold out.  Watch this space and watch out for brass swarf.




2 Responses to “Death in Whitby”

  1. i enjoyed seeing your stall the stuff was great! id love to see some hair clips though as i wear them alot that might be an idea for u; you sold so much bcuz it was brillant hand made and not overaly priced as most i saw; i love the hairband and neckerlace i bought from youy sp is very exspensive but the deal you made me convinced me to buy them and im oh so happy i did XD
    i did notice a funral scean but was to passive to realy stop and see exsactly what was ocuring; if you do decide to make your designs into clips please let me no your work has inspired my costume for next year so thank u xxxxxx

  2. Thank you so much Taylor

    I remember you, I think you had a blue wig on!! – your partner / friend I think was the mad hatter!

    Thank you for taking the trouble to feedback to me, my biggest worry is that I will get hate mail if stuff breaks! (nothing happened yet, so I must have done it right!!).

    Its nice to hear positive comments, I got accused of ‘Steampunk by Numbers’ from a rather earnest looking Steampunk fan (who was about 15 years younger than me and probably never made a damn thing in his life!!). Some Steampunks don’t like what I do, they don’t think this sort of thing should be available to ordinary people – I thnik Steampunk is for everybody and at any level you want to do it….

    I will look out for some blank hair slides and give one a go. Please keep looking at the blog – subscribe by email on the front page if you can. I will let you know when I have made one.

    est wishes

    Major Luther Runcible-Sterling

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