Helly Kitty goes Steampunk, Child Labour and Runcible Sterling finally uses his big box of radio valves

While visiting the Designer Outlet just outside of York, I was talked into a trip to Clare’s Accessories by my girls. I ended up buying a ‘lucky dip’ bag for each of them of old stock they hadn’t managed to sell at full price. Imagine my surprise to find a Victorian cameo of Kitty! It is Amelie’s favourite badge and I dare say mine too…..

My friend Amanda over at http://www.documentopia.com designed both my banner logo and my business card using the Vistaprint template they supply on their site. I hadn’t bought this domain yet so my cards don’t show the web address. Rather than pay a fortune for new cards, I had a rubber stamp made with the web address and paid Amelie to stamp them all at a pound a box. She is saving up for a cuddly Lotso bear (from Toy Story 3). Why anyone wants an electric pink cuddly toy that smells of Strawberries is beyond me.

I was drunk on Ebay one night and won a big box of radio valves and some badges from the former Soviet Union. I initially thought that I might rig them up in a circuit as they would glow nicely to make a ‘mood’ light or some such. I couldn’t really be sure how to wire them and I didn’t have the 6 volt supply they needed either so I abandoned that idea. They do make quite a good basis for a pendant however and I might get away with them being unisex as well.

I’ve made as many watch bracelets as I can. I think these are definitely my most saleable item. I have sold at least 10 of these to colleagues at work and the feedback is good. I should have 8 for Whitby, retailing at £28 each on the day.


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