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The worst of the rest

Posted in Uncategorized on October 24, 2010 by Clockwork Zeppelin

Really, I honestly thought I might spend some words describing some arcane brass grinding and filing technique but to be honest, I’m full of wine and quite pissed.

From a technical point of view, all I can say is that I accidentally left on the fluorescent filter on my 500D so it all looks purple and a bit shit. These are the outliers, the best stuff is well boxed already for Whitby. Please note the valve necklaces going back in their original 1950’s boxes…an accidental touch whilst not really being able to find any other suitable packaging, please buy one, likely hovering around the £20 mark.

See you at Whitby!!!


Winged Things

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Madame bought a magazine stuffed full of adverts and scratch ‘n sniff perfume samplers masquerading as ‘writings of female interest’. Therein, this magazine; it reliably informed Runcible-Sterling that Aviation is the theme of Autumn / Winter 2010 in the world of fashion. This being the case, I henceforth contacted my suppliers of brassy findings and ordered a delivery of wings of varying degrees of complexity. The results are seen above………………

Helly Kitty goes Steampunk, Child Labour and Runcible Sterling finally uses his big box of radio valves

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While visiting the Designer Outlet just outside of York, I was talked into a trip to Clare’s Accessories by my girls. I ended up buying a ‘lucky dip’ bag for each of them of old stock they hadn’t managed to sell at full price. Imagine my surprise to find a Victorian cameo of Kitty! It is Amelie’s favourite badge and I dare say mine too…..

My friend Amanda over at designed both my banner logo and my business card using the Vistaprint template they supply on their site. I hadn’t bought this domain yet so my cards don’t show the web address. Rather than pay a fortune for new cards, I had a rubber stamp made with the web address and paid Amelie to stamp them all at a pound a box. She is saving up for a cuddly Lotso bear (from Toy Story 3). Why anyone wants an electric pink cuddly toy that smells of Strawberries is beyond me.

I was drunk on Ebay one night and won a big box of radio valves and some badges from the former Soviet Union. I initially thought that I might rig them up in a circuit as they would glow nicely to make a ‘mood’ light or some such. I couldn’t really be sure how to wire them and I didn’t have the 6 volt supply they needed either so I abandoned that idea. They do make quite a good basis for a pendant however and I might get away with them being unisex as well.

I’ve made as many watch bracelets as I can. I think these are definitely my most saleable item. I have sold at least 10 of these to colleagues at work and the feedback is good. I should have 8 for Whitby, retailing at £28 each on the day.

The last Navigator

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The ‘Airship Navigator (Class 2)’ is the last of its kind. I used to be able to get these lovely brass wings from a dichroic glass artist but she can’t get them anymore either. Nothing like them on ebay either unless you chop up some original Para wings or something, but that seems a bit wrong somehow.
I have got a lot of different kinds of wings in the Brassworks but none as sturdy as these.

I made some more charm bracelets yesterday and they have a lovely heft to them – I never use plastic beads, only glass and this sense of weight is transferred to the wearer with a matching lightness in the purse hopefully.
It was nice to hear from Elaine at Pandemonium in Whitby, pass by her site some time or call in if you are visiting

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