We meet Boris, a finished tiara and some lie detector earrings.

A bit quiet again this week. I’ve been working a new charm bracelet which is going to be a Clockwork Zeppelin standard design, incorporating the ‘Steampunk People’ images that were seen in previous posts.

Lady Runcible-Sterling has finished her rather heavy but quite dramatic tiara, and is busy working on another. The tiara is modelled by Boris. I found him in a repro antique shop in Mevagissey back in the 90’s. He is a displaying the phrenology map popular at the turn of the century but since discredited as being quackery. Boris is a prop for my stall in October and often models various necklaces.

There are some ‘Lie Detector’ earrings though they actually say ‘Le Detector’ on them. Damned Chinese machinists. Cogged up and flat back Swarovskis in situ. A nice hue of pink is seen as they catch the light.

The copper strips are interesting – they (I think) are watchmaker’s shims – The ones on the left I cleaned up with a Dremmel and brass brush attachment and then brasso’ed, the 2 on the right were how they were at the outset. Ive stamped them using a steel letter punch kit with a clock Zepp serial number of random meaning and stuck a few more sparklers on. I only have 3 pairs of these because you should see the price of new ones these days!

More soon…..


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