So my big brother kindly delivered me a load of ShopLite aluminium trussing meant for corporate / commercial events. (it used to have bits of an F16 flight simulator hanging off it, but thats another story).
Thanks again to Amanda over at for the graphic design – its the same Amy Johnson image, reversed and merged with a cool airship over some gasworks with other clock bits chucked in. I’ve avoided using ‘Steampunk’ on the banner – its too tedious to explain to normal people what it means when I turn up at non-Goth / Steampunk events. Also, my branding allows me to wander about in dieselpunk, vintage and atompunk and so on without having to be too rigid in my style. Also, there will come a day when all the vintage watch parts in the world are only to be found in Steampunk jewellery…I might have to find another medium and genre but at least I wont need a new banner. It cost about £40 from Vistaprint and I added the brass eyelets myself so it can be tied to the supports.


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  1. That looks pretty good Paul!

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