A small tour round the brassworks

The workshop is the rear third of my garage in York.  Power is from the main house ring with an RCD trip.  Its essentially limited to 13 Amps so I have to be careful what tools I’m running together.   The wireless router reaches as far as the garage so I can use the laptop and watch stuff while I’m crafting.

I have always tried to make most of my work on a production basis so I can replicate a design as many times as demand requires it.  The filigree watch bracelets are really popular so I tend to make those on a bit of a production line , I can usually do one over a couple of evenings.  I’m looking at bringing 10 – 15 to Whitby.

An artist friend of mine in the US owns an epilog laser cutter (check this puppy out for something everyone should have  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7bBsVKUSeE ) If I had $15,000…………

He cuts out precision shapes from birchboard backed photo images.  I lacquer them with about 7 -10 coats of automotive clearcoat, attach a pin and turn them into freaky badges.  I hope to have 50 or so different badges for Whitby.


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