Clockwork Zeppelin – Who are we, what do we do?

My friends celebrating my recent birthday.

I’ve spent the last 18 months hacking and making things in my workshop, not really sure of why.  I’m inspired by the (predominately American) maker culture and it’s links to Steampunk.  Steampunk has its links to maker culture through the inability of any real Steampunk accessories available for general sale so they mostly made their own.  I enjoy a bit of material science and have always liked the Victorian aesthetic.  Its fair to say that I prefer the engineering to the dressing up aspect of Steampunk, and if I want to wander off into Dieselpunk and Atompunk side of things, then I will.  I read ‘The Difference Engine’ in 1991 when most British Steampunks were 3 years old so you purists can bugger off and post on ‘Brass Goggles’ instead.

Anyone can dress up, but can you make things…thats the question…can I?

I make a bit of jewellery and prop weaponry, as well as etch brass.  I’m going to try to log some of my projects here and if I work out some of the merchant tools, try to flog you a bit of it as well.

Tally ho!!


One Response to “Clockwork Zeppelin – Who are we, what do we do?”

  1. Andy Gargett Says:

    I have followed Clockwork Zeppelin for a while now and have bought one of his necklaces. A one off custom design for my wife. I would recommend his work to anyone.

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